Domestic Solar PV system on and pitch and flat roof

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Project Location:
Offmore, Kidderminster

Our client wanted to make the most of every roof pitch and space available for their renewable venture.

It was a challenging project to design due to the limited roof space but we worked closely with our client to come up with a few designs utilizing multiple roof aspects. The final design included three roof aspects capturing morning sunlight right through to evening sunset.

To make the most of our client’s available roof space we also incorporated a ground mount system onto their garage flat roof. This increased their system by a further 1.5kW’s, achieving an overall Solar PV system size of 4.5kW’s with 9.5kWh’s of Battery Storage.

We used ALL Black Solar PV modules to achieve a bespoke finish along with trusted equipment from pioneering Solar PV manufactures including K2 Rail and ground mount systems and GivEnergy Inverters and Battery Storage solutions.